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I use to deposit little nuggets of knowledge (knols* as some call them) into the Web Universe because I enjoy helping people.

Some of you have asked what you can do in return to help me spread these knols — below¬†are 6 easy ways to do that.

6 Ways To Help Me

1) Comment On A Blog Posting

If you found one of the articles that I wrote useful or have some knowledge of your own to add, please add a comment at the bottom of the article (I welcome constructive criticism too). You may have tips of your own on the subject and can also plug other resources (including your own!).

2) Link To My Blog

If you find valuable, and have your own Web site, I would love for you to link to me from your Web site (e.g. add me to your “Blogroll” (like in the pic below) or link to an individual article of mine).

I look at the stats all the time and I get a real kick out of seeing someone visit from other people’s Web sites!

3) Share My Articles

There’s an option (on each of my article pages) to share any of my articles via Twitter, Facebook or email – If you see something you like, please consider sharing it!

4) Sign My Guestbook

You can type a general public comment through My Guestbook by simply filling in the comment box on the right hand side of my Contact page¬†(note: it can be anonymous if you’d like).

5) Submit Articles Of Your Own

You are an expert on something! If you have some nuggets/knols of your own you’d like to share on or Ongig’s blog (about careers and hiring), I’m happy to share it as long as it meets these 2 criteria: 1) It helps positively vibrate the Universe and 2) It’s original (the content hasn’t appeared anywhere else). If interested, you can “Send Me An Email” on the left-hand side of the Contact page.

6) Help Me Fill Jobs!

My friends and I are involved in many businesses and are always looking for stars! Click I’d Like To See You Hired to see a sampling.


*I first heard of the term “knols” from Google which as a Web service called “knol” that allows people to deposit units of knowledge. I didn’t find Google’s knols service that useful but I loved the word “knol” and have been using it ever since.