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7 Easy Tips On How To Be A Go-Giver (Not a Go-Getter)

I first heard about the concept of being a “go-giver” from Bob Burg in a book he wrote called Winning Without Intimidation; he later made the phrase more popular by writing Go-Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea.

I used the Go-Giver phrase, which is corny but good, in a speech I made to entrepreneurs a few years back.

source: Túrelio, Wikimedia Commons

source: Túrelio, Wikimedia Commons

From that speech, and others, here are seven tips to being a better networker or go-giver:

1) Giving is Attractive — “No matter what your profession, if you can give increase of life to others and make them sensible [i.e., “aware”] of this gift, they will be attracted to you, and you will get rich.” Wallace D. Wattles from The Science of Getting Rich

2) Be a Connector — If you connect someone, both parties will remember you as the connector (see The Connector Exercise article I wrote.

3) The Helpers Get Helped — “The core of being a really good networker, you need to want to help people, “says close friend Dave Bear of BBDO Atmoshphere. He had an interesting way to put it: “People want to help people who want to help people. That’s the multiplier.”

4) When Calling a Customer/Partner — “Never call a client without bringing a new idea or some value into it.” (Direct Marketer Les Wunderman).

5) Pareto’s Principle — “Spend 80% of your time asking about THEM, not talking about yourself and you’ll get a positive response. Most people love talking about themselves. I’m always thinking when I meet people about who they might be interested in meeting.” (a talented entrepreneur and friend Drew Kossoff).

6) The Value Proposition — Give someone more in value than what you take from the (Go-Giver book by Bob Burge (he also wrote Endelss Referalls).

7) Clip It – My dad always clipped out articles and mailed them to people…and we loved it! With the Web, this takes very little time to do and can be quite meaningful. If you send a print clipping through snail-mail, that is so unheard of these days that it all the more unique. When’s the last time you sent some quality content to someone!?

Remember, if you’re just asking for help and trying to “get” all the time, then you’re more of a “go-getter” than a go-giver.

I’m looking forward to more go-givers out there!

Sidenote: You’ve probably noticed that I’m beginning to link the people I mention in articles (such as this one) directly to their LinkedIn profile so that you can learn more about these resources. If you are not yet on LinkedIn, or want some LinkedIn tips want some LinkedIn tips, check out: You Must Be LinkedIn.

1 Comment

  • James Mielnik

    Excellent post, thanks for sharing! Everybody should have this where they can see and read it daily.

    Don’t you find It is so rare yet so refreshing to interact with people who are givers not takers and genuinely care? I wish we had more of them….. why don’t we??!!!

    I have thought about why more people don’t “get it” and I feel one of the major disconnects and the reason we don’t is because most companies encourage “go getters”.

    I am generalizing here but in my experience at the end of the day most companies and people usually only care about what you can get them right now seeing only the bottom line in most situations. This leads to them being driven to get results right now to satisfy the demands placed on them and boost the bottom line. If that is the case I feel people develop a sense of urgency to produce which then quickly translates into them thinking only about themselves in situations and what is going to help their ever so important bottom line the most right here right now. The cycle continues day after day year after year.

    Do you find to be a go giver requires a special person? Ie. Somebody who is disciplined and confident in themselves and others to know that by caring and focusing on others they might not increase their “bottom line” today but over time they will develop relationships which incidentally will produce results go getters can only dream of…

    But I guess there lies the other disconnect. Most true go givers I find genuinely want to help and that is their primary motivation not getting all they can…..