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Free Carl Jung Personality Test

There’s a free 72-question online personality test (don’t worry, it’s all yes/no questions) that you can take to help determine which of the 16 Carl Jung personality types you are.

Some people call it the Jung Typology Test.

Here are some tips for you BEFORE you take this really valuable test:

  • Answer the questions honestly (if you try to game the system you it will mistype you)
  • Answer the questions quickly — Don’t spend more than 10 seconds on each question (you’ll finish in about 10 minutes or less)
  • Go with your gut — Click Yes or No based on what your gut tells you
  • When you’re finished, copy and paste your type AND the numbers associated with your type (those numbers will be helpful for you to dig more into your type later if you’d like to (without having to take the test again!).
  • No Wrong Types — Remember, there are no wrong types.

Ok, enough pep-talk. Click here to get your Free Personality Test

One more thing: Afer you’ve taken the test, don’t forget to check out The 16 Personality Types so you can find out more about your particular type (including careers that make sense for you and famous people who are your personality type!).


  • garland edwards

    i had a friend take asimular test he said it was true to his nature, but he didnt like it,i thought it fit.

  • rohit


  • Willem

    Great site. I’m very curious to learn my personality test results.

  • Rob Kelly

    Thx, Willem. I hope you enjoy your results!

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  • RocMegamanX

    I got ISTJ.

  • RocMegamanX

    I got ISTJ.

  • Rob Kelly

    Nice! ISTJ is my type (I’m the curator of this blog). Welcome! | Internet CEO & Advisor | Positively Vibrating The Universe

  • Kitty

    I got INTP but thinking was only 12%. I tend to either get INFP or INTP. Could I have rather equally developed thinking and feeling? I am a scientist but not as good as I’d like to be and I am often distracted by my feelings. My personaly decisions have been based on whatever I felt at that moment. So I am probably an INFP with a developed thinking? Because I don’t identify myself all what is said about INFPs, many times I don’t care about other people’s feelings, in fact I can be quite cold and think the other person is too emotional in certain situations.

  • Jessica Eliana

    I got ESFP!

  • Michelle Arnott

    INFP great test thanks!

  • Carolynabellanosa

    wow nice one….