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Two Tips To Get More Followers on Twitter (from 140 | The Twitter Conference)

I’m sitting here at the “140 | The Twitter Conference” in Seattle, WA and Jason Preston of Parnassaus Group mentioned these two tips for growing your followers on Twitter:


“Contests work” — Offer a prize. Ask people to follow you and retweet the contest.

The cost to acquire a Twitter follower has averaged about $7 per 100 followers in Preston’s experience.

Twitter Contest Examples

Jason said Parnassus Group used a contest for what the t-shirt for a Twitter conference should say (with the winner being offered a free conference pass and t-shirt).

As part of the contest, you had to tweet your submission and follow the conference the twitter account (@tweethouse).

Parnassus got a couple of hundred followers as a result of the contest (which again he says worked out to about $7 cost to acquire each Twitter follower

Another example: Someone offered a MacBook Air and got 2,500 followers (that cost to acquire a Twitter follower was closer to $1 per follower)

Follow People Using Tools Such As TweepSearch

Searching for people who are relevant to you or your business (based on location or products) and follow them. Reason: There are a lot of people who have their accounts set up to automatically follow you back.

If you’re targeted on your outreach you will land on the inbox of people interested in your business. He recommends TweepSearch (in beta).

With TweepSearch you can type in search term and easily find people to follow (and then hopefully they follow you back). If you’re looking for followers from a certain location, type in the search term followed by the location (e.g. “Jewerlry: San Francisco”)

I’ll keep posting other info from this event.