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“The Top 7 Reasons Hiring Is Being Invented…Right Now!”

If you care about hiring or being hired, I recommend you check out an in-depth article in which I offered some detailed thoughts on these 7 trends:

  1. A Hire Is A Million Dollar Transaction — There’s a cool quote from Facebook’s head of acquisitions on how much a hire is worth to them when they buy companies!
  2. Hiring Managers Need To Show Themselves — I believe job postings should require the name of the hiring manager — Craigslist does not!
  3. The Power Is Shifting From The Organization To The Individual — Transparency is one key here!
  4. Video & Pictures Are Ubiquitous — We give a shout-out to one SF startup.
  5. Job Opportunities Will Become Alive — More data please!
  6. We Are All Now One Click Away From Each Other — Duh.
  7. Third-Party Recruiters Will Go The Way Of Other Middlemen — We predict the marginalization of third-party recruiters.

Go check out The Top 7 Reasons Hiring Is Being Reinvented…Right Now! for the full article — it’s hosted by Ongig, a new business I’m part of.

I invited third-party recruiters to comment on section #7 and a couple of them disagree with me — it’s great to have an open dialogue on this important topic.


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