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Blekko Is Good For Seeing SEO Stats On Any Web Sites

I’ve been playing around with the new Blekko search engine. They seem to do a reasonable job with speedy and comprehensive search results.

But what’s really cool is their SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools.

You can download the Blekko toolbar (free). here it is:

…to easily do this or, if you don’t feel like another toolbar, then you can type in the below string into your Web broswer URL field (just replace “nytimes” with any Web site URL if you want to see another Web site’s SEO results):

…or you can just click the image below and then play around from there.

The results above include such things as:

  • # of inbound links
  • # of Web site pages
  • breakdown of links by city and country
  • a list of links by the highest ranked Web sites (e.g. Adobe, YouTube and are the Web that link to (according to Blekko)

Thanks to Chris Tew for pointing this out to me!