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Wow, an inspiring company and excellent communication (2 min. read)

If you want to be inspired by a business, please take 2 minutes to read the “2 big announcements” on

Some things that impress me about this business:

  • They have been in biz for 15 years
  • They started as a web design firm and evolved into software (basecamp)
  • They created and open-sourced Ruby on Rails and wrote some books (cool!)
  • They are at 43 people (pretty small team compared to the Dropbox, Facebook, Twitters of the world, but still one with massive respect and footprint!)
  • Last week, 6,622 co.s signed up for new Basecamp accounts and over 15M users have accounts
  • They sat down and talked about their vision for the next TWENTY years. how’s that for forward-thinking?
  • They decided to go all-in on Basecamp and are renaming the company Basecamp and probably spinning off their other products (ballsy)

Flexible, long-term thinkers who are able to focus.


Thanks, team Basecamp!