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The 9 Enneagram Personality Types

The Enneagram Personality Types is an effective tool to understand the tendencies of yourself and others; including how you can work and play better together.

If you don’t know your Enneagram type, go here to check out the Free Enneagram Personality Type Tests

The Nine Enneagram Personality Types


Enneagram 1 = “The Perfectionist” or “The Reformer”

Enneagram 2 = “The Helper” or “The Giver”

Enneagram 3 =  “The Performer” or “The Motivator”

Enneagram 4 = “The Romantic”

Enneagram 5 = “The Thinker” or “The Observer”

Enneagram 6 = “The Skeptic” or “The Devil’s Advocate”

Enneagram 7 = “The Enthusiast” or “The Epicure”

Enneagram 8 = “The Leader” or “The Boss”

Enneagram 9 = “The Peacemaker” or “The Mediator”

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