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The Top 10 “John Wooden” Searches On My Blog

My John Wooden Series is receiving a bunch of traffic these days after his recent death.

I always look at what keywords people search on to make sure I’m doing my best to provide good resources on them.

Towards that end, here are the top 10 John Wooden searche phrases (in quotes below) that I’m receiving, along with relevant links/answers:

  1. “john wooden quotes” — Here’s a good list of Wooden quotes (along with how many people like each one)
  2. “john wooden 7 principles” — This refers to the “7 Things To Do” that Wooden’s father taught him
  3. “john wooden steps to success” — Here’s my post on Wooden’s 8 Steps To Success
  4. “pyramid of success john wooden” — Here’s a cool image of Wooden’s Pyramid with
  5. “bill gates and john wooden” — my old colleague Bob Evans of Information Week wrote  here that “Bill had a basketball autographed by John Wooden, the legendary UCLA basketball coach and a master strategist himself. I asked about the ball and Bill’s feelings toward Coach Wooden, but Bill just smiled and said we’d have to get to that another time.”)
  6. “john wooden records” (the best listing I can find of John Wooden’s records appears on this “John Wooden: A Coaching Legend Page at
  7. “drink deeply in books’-wooden” (this is from Wooden’s father’s list of “Seven Things To Do” — the exact wording is “Drink deeply from good books, especially the bible.”)
  8. “best john wooden book for teenagers” — I believe that “Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off The Court” is the best Wooden book for teenagers
  9. “charlie rose interviews john wooden” — Here’s a link to Charlie interviewing Wooden!
  10. “john wooden personality type” — I researched this and found out that he is likely an ENFJ and Enneagram Type 1

As you know, John Wooden is a hero of mine — if there’s anything else you’d like to know about him, please comment below.