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Wow, Men Are More Popular Than Women On Twitter (& Other Interesting Twitter Demographics)

Fascinating study by Harvard Business Review looked at 300,000 random Twitter users and found the following demographics:

  • Followers
    • 80% of Twitter users have at least 1 follower
    • 20% of Twitter users have no followers
  • Men Versus Women
    • 55% of Twitter users are women; 45% are men
    • Men have 15% more followers than women
    • An average man is almost twice as likely to follow a man than he is to follow a woman (despite there being more women on Twitter)
    • An average woman is 25% more likely to follow a man than she is to follow a woman
  • Volume of Tweeting
    • The typical Twitter user has only Tweeted once in their lifetime
    • 75% of Twitter users tweet once every 74 days
    • The top 10% of Twitter users accounted for 90% of tweets

There’s some good Twitter demographics on the chart at A Look at Twitter Demographics.

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